Ulla Bohman Guest Lecturer at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona has offered a course in Easy Language during the Spring.
The course has been online, which has enabled participants from all over the world.

In May Ulla Bohman was invited as guest lecturer.
Her presentation focused on the development of easy language in Sweden.
She shared her experience of what to do and not do in terms of making information more accessible and easy to understand.

One thing she highlighted is the need for easy to understand spoken language
and that the recommendations for written easy language also apply for the spoken language.
In September it is time for election in Sweden. The political parties have started their campaigning, many of them using slogans.
It’s so important that political messages are clear and easy to understand to give the citizens a chance to decide upon what party to vote for.
Therefor, easy language should have a respected and important status in any society.