Swedish Embassy in Lithuania helps promote Easy Language Literature

The Swedish Embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania hosted November 8
the Conference ”How to Tell a Story to an Undiscovered Reader?”.
The Lithuanian Publishers’ organization and the Lithuanian Library for the Blind
organized the conference with the aim to make more publishers
and authors in Lithuania interested in producing books in easy language.

Ulla Bohman from Boarve was invited from Sweden
together with Laura Mendez Edkvist,
the former editor in chief of the Swedish LL-förlaget (Easy-to-Read Publishing House)
and now a freelance editor. They shared their experiences in working
with Easy Language for more than 20 years.

Ulla’s presentation was on the history of Easy Language Development in Sweden
– a more than 50 years long and winding road. Sweden has played an important role
in the Easy-to-Read movement internationally
and has for so long been a role model for other countries.

Laura gave the participants an insight to what literature in Easy Language for adults
can and should be. She gave lots of advice regarding how to start the production,
the work process and encourage everyone to be brave and aim high!

Around 50 people participated in the Conference and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Ulla BohmanPhoto: Viktoras Kalnikas
Ulla Bohman talking about the history of Easy Language in Sweden at the Swedish Embassy in Lithuania. Photo: Viktoras Kalnikas
Laura Mendez Edkvist talking about literature in Easy-to-Read Language at the Swedish Embassy in Vilnius. Photo: Viktoras Kalnikas