Boarve goes to the Opera in Verona, Italy!

The Annual Opera Festival in Verona tries to be
as accessible as possible.
More people should have the chance
to discover and enjoy opera.
The accessibility project is called The Arena for All.

The Arena for all includes accessible digital trailers and opera books,
subtitles for the deaf, audio descriptions for the blind,
and program booklets in Easy to Read Italian, English and German.

Boarve got the prestigious assignment
to write the English Easy Language booklets for four operas:
Aida, Turandot, The Barber of Seville and Carmen.
Besides a list of the characters
and brief background to who they are,
the booklets give the readers
a short version of the story act by act.

Great initiative by Arena di Verona
to make opera more accessible!
Such fun project to work with!