About Boarve Konsult

Welcome to Boarve Konsult!

Comprehension – Accessibility – Human Rights

Boarve Konsult is a consultancy firm, with more than 30 years of experience
in the field of easy-to-read, accessibility and human rights.
Boarve Konsult is working with awareness about accessible information
and everyone´s rights.

Boarve Konsult is owned and run by Ulla Bohman.
Ulla Bohman is known as a leading easy-to-read consultant in Europe.

I have worked for the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media,
the Center for Easy-to-Read, Amnesty International
and AFS Intercultural Programs.
My focus has always been communication and training.

It does not matter what your native language is.
I’ve done conferences and workshops in many different countries.
The concepts of making text easy-to-read can be applied to any language.

I’ve done workshops, for example, in Slovenia, Israel and Greece in English
and the customers then applied the easy-to-read concepts to their native
Slovenian, Hebrew and Greek language documents.

  • Do you want to know more about comprehension, easy-to-read,
    accessible information and human rights?
  • Are you looking for a keynote speaker or a professional trainer?
  • Are you organizing an international conference and need a presenter
    or a moderator?

Contact Ulla Bohman and Boarve konsult!

E-mail: ulla@boarve.se

Phone: +46 70 755 61 14

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